Creating a Submittal Document Package

Preparing a specification submittal is one part of the commercial construction process. A contractor will submit documentation to a specifier (the architect, engineer, or other owner's representative) demonstrating how a project proposal meets the specific requirements of a building project. This site enables you to select and assemble specification documents for Lutron products to include with your project submittal.

There are two ways to assemble your package. If you have a bill of materials for a project (from a quote, for example) you can paste the list of model numbers into a text box, validate that the model numbers are supported by submittal documents, and retrieve your completed PDF. Many users will wish to browse through the range of Lutron products, selecting products by system type or product family. You can do both--enter a list of model numbers, then add additional documents. When you have selected all the documents that you wish, you can sort the list, and retrieve a completed PDF file as a result.

Step 1: Project Information

Enter the Job Name and Job Number--these will be printed at the bottom of the pages of your final document. You can specify the starting page number for your final document as well.

When you are finished with this page, you can click the "Next" button on the left-hand side of the page, or click on "Step 2: Add Bill of Materials."

Step 2: Add Bill of Materials

If you have a list of Lutron model numbers, you can enter it in the textbox (one model number per line). When you are finished, click on the "Next" button, or select a different page from the menu on the left-hand side. The system will validate the model number, select the appropriate document, and include in the list of documents to be assembled.

Step 3: Add Documents

You can browse for documents by system type, or alphabetically by product family. Click on a product family name to drop down a list of documents--including language, voltage, and other information. Check the box in the Select column (on the left) to include your selection in the list of documents to be assembled.

Step 4: Organize Your Documents

The complete list of documents to be assembled is displayed. You can sort the list by dragging documents up or down the page with your mouse. You can remove documents by clicking on the "x" to the right of the document (in the Delete column).

When you have organized your list of documents, click on the Create button to generate your custom submittal document. The system will assemble all of the documents and return them to your browser. Note: Depending upon your Internet connection speed, as well as the size (and number) of documents you have selected, it may take as long as 1-2 minutes--or even longer--for your final document to display.

Problems? If the system could not recognize a model number you entered, or the model number could not be associated with a suitable document, the document or model number will be highlighted in red. If you are certain that the model number is valid; or that the document should be available, contact the Submittals Engine support team at Lutron Submittals.