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Project Information

Enter project details to be included in your finished PDF document.

The Job Name and Job Number you enter here will be included in fields at the bottom of each page in your finished PDF document. Each page of your finished PDF document will be numbered. If you want your document to start with a page number other than 1, enter the starting page number here.

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Add Bill of Materials

If you have a bill of materials, with Lutron model numbers, paste the list of model numbers into the text box below.

The system will validate each model number, select the correct document, and add the document to the list to be assembled.

Add Documents

Select documents to add to the list to be assembled.

Click on a product name to drop down a list of documents that are available. Select the document you want to include, and check the box in the Selected column.

Organize Your Documents

Sort your documents, and create your finished document.

Each document in the list to be assembled is shown here. You can change the order in which documents appear by dragging each document panel up or down the page. When you're ready, click on the Create button to create your finished PDF document.

Note: Depending upon your Internet connection speed, as well as the size (and number) of documents you have selected, it may take as long as 1-2 minutes--or even longer--for your final document to display.


Project XML

This shows the current state of the project, as stored using XML: